Monday, June 27, 2011


In my previous post I mentioned how lame I am at blogging. Well, I still am. I promise to do better. I am going to be revamping both blogs (this one and my floral one). I am hoping to post twice a week but you know how lame I am at stuff. Lots of stuff going on with the Beachs (Beaches? I still don't know). Derek has cancer still. Lately he has been feeling really sick. He gained lots of weight and lost it all within the last week. But you know my Derek, still a happy camper. My Camden is getting huge! He turns 2 next month (can you believe it??). He is the most entertaining child ever. He has a new evil laugh that he does when he does something bad. I seriously can't be mad at a kid who develops his own evil laugh. The picture is of the notorious mad man himself, Sticker Head Boy!

I am still training for my half marathon that is on September 4th. We are making a trip out of it with us and Robin, Caitlin, and Kora. A couple days of Disneyland, having fun, then I will attempt not to vomit everywhere and on everyone while running 13.1 miles. It shall be grand. Have you seen our house? Its beautiful. Pictures to come (maybe, lol). More updates soon.