Friday, July 6, 2012

Scan Results

He doesn't know how to act serious in a doctor's office.
Today we received the results from Derek's PET scan.  To recap: the night before he was suppose to go into the hospital and get the bone marrow transplant, the doctor canceled the transplant because Derek still had too much cancer.  Derek started a new chemo that has only been approved for about a year and he did 3 rounds of it over 9 weeks.  The results: he is in REMISSION! They showed us his scan and not a speck of cancer was on it, never seen that before.  He did chemo today and will probably do it in another couple of weeks while he gets ready for the transplant.  We do not know yet when the transplant will be but it will probably be soon now that he is in remission.  We are excited!   Thanks for all the prayers!